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DB5 Mille

MSRP: US-$ 32,495
All U.S. Specification Bimota Motorcycles include a 24 month unlimited mileage warranty including maintenance.
All prices include destination to final point of delivery and all pre-delivery inspection costs.


The Intermot Show in Munich saw the launch of what has since become Bimota's new DB5 1000 model. This project was conceived with the ambition to take Bimota back to its origins: compactness, lightness and refined mechanical details were the initial inputs in the execution of a dream completely Made in Italy. Instantly, the design of the DB5 prototype earned honors from the experts (1st place Design Awards, Supersport category) and public alike (1st place visitor poll Most Beautyful Bike).

A dream, which has become real, re-interpreting Bimota's traditional characteristics which have left an indelible mark in the history of the motorcycle, models such as the HB1, KB2 Laser, DB1 and other designs which will never be forgotten by enthusiasts all over the world.

Powered by a Ducati 1000 DS air cooled engine, this new model presents several details which only a Bimota can boast: tubular steel trellis frame with machined plates in aircraft alloy, a hitherto unseen tubular composite swing arm, and fully adjustable Öhlins suspension.

The styling by Sergio Robbiano enhances the aggressiveness of the DB5 by leaving most of the mechanical parts in view; it could be compared to a jewel-studded precious piece of art.

DB5 1000 Project ­ The Genesis

In July 2003, the reborn Bimota company, still in a start-up phase, decided to return to the marketplace with a new model which would be 'Una Vera Bimota' incorporating the greatest expression of technology, innovation and Made in Italy design flair. Thus was born the new Bimota DB5 Mille.

The designer of this new Bimota is Sergio Robbiano, who was already responsible for the styling of the controversial but innovative 500Vdue model.

In December 2003 Robbiano delivered the DB5 Mille design to Bimota, interpreting in a successful manner the philosophy that Bimota wanted to transmit with this bike.

Throughout 2004, a small but dedicated team has been hard at work to create the prototype revealed last September at Intermot 2004 in Munich.

Their challenge was all the more difficult thanks to the fact that the development of the new model took place at the same time as the complete re-organization of the company. Nevertheless, thanks to the diligence, devotion and passion of Bimota staff, the new DB5 Mille was duly presented at Intermot 2004.

Its success was immediate, and exceeded all expectations, with the bike's design universally acclaimed. Such was the admiration for it that the DB5 Mille won the prestigious Motorcycle Design Association Award as the most beautiful bike of the entire show in the Supersport category.

This significant achievement spurred on the Bimota R&D team to bring the DB5 Mille to production as fast as possible, but to the highest standards, in order that the many eager customers who had expressed an interest in acquiring the bike, could have their dreams fulfilled.

Unfortunately, the winter of 2004-5 in Italy was very cold: heavy rain and snow until the end of March delayed the intensive test programme of the DB5 Mille. Nevertheless, initial test results have been immediately positive, and by building on this, after months of hard work we reached our intended aim of delivering a bike which is as satisfying to ride as it is beautiful to look at.

Technical And Styling Features

From the very beginning Bimota wanted to produce a bike which would be aggressive and compact, yet light-handling and enjoyable to ride. For this reason, some technical and styling choices have been made in order to be sure that the DB5 Mille would possess these qualities.

The bike is powered by a Ducati 1000 DS desmodue air-cooled engine, one of the most established Ducati desmo V-twin motors. Bimota's link with Ducati extends back to 1984, and a new model powered by the desmodue Ducati V-twin engine is assuredly the ideal way to set Bimota's new direction. The link between the two prestigious Italian marques has always pleased and excited enthusiasts all over the world.

The 992cc desmodue twin-spark motor is a reliable design, with exciting performance and a strong torque curve which greatly enhances the bike's driveability.

Its great rideability perfectly matches the character of the DB5 chassis design, so that the bike as a whole becomes really enjoyable to ride.

Such an engine deserves to be an integral part of the model's visual appeal, and Robbiano has therefore succeeded in combining the beauty of a complete fairing with the spectacle of the engine left fully in view, emphasising the mechanical element of the design as a whole, while still providing the aerodynamic qualities required by a high-performance sportbike.

Featured for the first time on any motorcycle is a trellis swing-arm constructed of steel tubing with machined lateral plates made of aircraft alloy.

The front of the bike is particularly slim thanks to the small space required by the compact air-cooled engine.

Near the vertically stacked headlights are located the twin air intakes through which, thanks to the internal configuration of the fairing and the front bodywork, allow cool air to be ducted to the engine for optimum cooling.

For the rear of the DB5, Bimota wanted the leaness of a racebike: the dual exhaust cans in anodized aluminium stand out visually, with the tiny real light mounted between the two.

The Bimota DB5 Mille is the fruit of the passion, innovation and design flair of a company that aims to return to the prestigious role it previously held in the world's motorcycling panorama. The Bimota models of the third millennium will bring unique Italian styling, and the exclusivity of a high-tech product, to the roads of the world.

Technical Information

Frame: 25/20mm tubular chrome molybdenum steel trellis with lateral plates in aircraft alloy.
Rear frame: 15/25/30mm tubular chrome molybdenum steel trellis with lateral plates in aircraft alloy.
Wheelbase: 1425mm
Front suspension: Öhlins upside-down fully adjustable forks with TiN surface treatment
Steering angle: 24 degrees
Rear suspension: Fully adjustable Öhlins monoshock
Front wheel travel: 120mm
Rear wheel travel: 120mm
Trail: 99,83 mm
Seat height: 800mm
Foot rest height: 395+/-16mm with radial regulation
Front brake: 2 x 298 mm semi-floating discs, 4-piston 4-pad radial calipers - Brembo
Rear brake: 220 mm disc, 2-piston 2-pad calipers - Brembo
Wheel: Front: 3,50x17" - Rear: 5,50x17"
Tyres: Front: 120/70/17 - Rear: 180/55/17
Weight: 165 Kg

Engine: Ducati - L twin cylinder, 2 valves per cylinder Desmodromic - air cooled.
Bore and Stroke: 94 x 71,5mm
Displacement: 992cc
Fuel injection: Electronic fuel injection - 45mm throttle body
Lubrication: With wet sump
Gear box: 6 speed
Clutch: Dry multi-plate with hydraulic control

Bimota pursues an ongoing research and development program and therefore the company reserves the right to modify its products without notice and without obligation to do the same.